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Noble Elevator Company chooses to use Matot as our dumbwaiter manufacturer due to their incomparable quality and large variety.  Our skilled mechanics are experienced in installation of the various dumbwaiters and cater to meet the diverse needs of specific clients. As you can in detail see below, Matot supplies us with various capacities of dumbwaiters and cab dimensions ranging from the light to heavy duty. Custom sized cabs can also be manufactured on request. Contact us for a quote and installation availability!

Light duty dumbwaiters have a capacity of 100-200lbs. 

Matot- Light Duty Dumbwaiter

Medium duty dumbwaiters have a capacity of 200-750lbs.

Matot- Medium Duty Dumbwaiter

Heavy Duty Dumbwaiter/Material Lift's have a capacity ranging from 750-2500lbs.

Matot- Heavy Duty Material Lift/Dumbwaiter​​

For more detailed information and pictures go to Matot's website!