“Building America One Stop At A Time”—Serving the Greater NYC Metropolitan Area.

​Services​ Offered


From the ground up, Noble Elevator Company Inc. is committed to completing installations in a professional and timely matter. From a two-stop residential dumbwaiter to forty story gearless tractions Noble Elevator has the experience and skills needed to complete the job.  Noble Elevator Company Inc. believes that proper training and qualification guarantees that the job is done correctly, with quality and punctuality. To back up this belief, all of the mechanics and apprentices on staff have completed, or are enrolled, in a four-year mandatory schooling process. Our office personnel are qualified in their specific field, ranging from accounting to expediting.


When it comes to modernization, the saying is “out with the old and in with the new!” All of Noble Elevator Company Inc.’s mechanics are well qualified in performing complete, semi and custom ranged modernizations on both commercial and residential elevators. A full assessment of the current elevator is used to determine the level of upgrading needed to be done to transform the current machine into an modernized, fully-operating, and reliable elevator.


Preventative Maintenance and Repair

Noble Elevator Company Inc. employs a full line of maintenance and repair mechanics, which can troubleshoot and fix any make or model of elevator.  Repairs can be on an on call basis, however it is recommended to do preventative maintenance, which includes a service contract that covers basic calls and repairs, ensuring fewer shutdowns.   

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