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Elevator Modernization Components

Noble Elevator chooses to use a wide array of manufacturers to provide the components needed when upgrading an elevator; in order to ensure the customers needs have been met and a reliable upgraded elevator is provided upon completion.  Follow the links below to browse the various components we use.  Contact us for a quote and installation availability!

Hydraulic Pump Units

Canton Elevator Submersible 

Canton Elevator Non-Sumbmersible

Hydraulic Jacks

Canton Elevator Jacks

Traction Machines

Overhead Geared Traction 

Overhead Gearless Traction

Basement Traction

Cabs Doors and Entrances

Columbia Elevator

BHI Elevator

Elite Elevator 

Velis Elevator 


Elevator Systems

GAL Manufacturing

Motion Elevator Controls

Smart Rise

Door Equipment

GAL Manufacturing

Fixtures and Push Buttons

Monitor Controls

GAL Manufacturing